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Red Earth. Hunger​​​

Holodomor- Red Earth. Hunger -

opera in concert

composed by Virko Baley

libretto by Virko Baley

co-production with First Look Sonoma and Troppe Note Foundation

Las Vegas Performance-  January 26, 2013

UNLV, Doc Rando Recital Hall

New York Performance- February 5, 2013

John Jay College, Gerald Lynch Theater



"Baley's music is rooted in tonality, expressive and often lush - accessible melodies seasoned with gentle dissonance. His command of orchestral color is masterly and in this version of Holodomor, he created unusual fullness with the small ensemble. Performances were committed and satisfying."

Susan Brodie, American Record Guide

"The one-act, three scene opera is a powerful, emotional work depicting the bleak reality of Stalin's deliberate campaign of starvation and murder through collectivization.  The unforgettable representation of the deaths of a vast number of nameless victims renders this unfathomable horror of Holodomor not only a collective, massive tragedy but an individual tragedy as well."

Victor Markiw, The Ukrainian Weekly


Holodomor Composer, Virko Baley

Holodomor- Red Earth. Hunger

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