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Red Earth. Hunger​​​

Hand to Mouth

A new music-theater event following the seed's journey from soil to plate.

Hand to Mouth




Inspired by Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, this new music/theater/opera event includes original music & songs, spoken word, interactive video, humor, clowning and silly fun! It is a perfect outing for the whole family.


Over the past year, First Look Sonoma has conducted several workshops amongst it's collaborative team in preparation for the World Premiere of this musical theater piece about growing and eating food, following the journey of the seed from soil to plate. 




Main Stage West

104 North Main Street

Sebastopol, CA 95472





John Duykers

James Pelican

Kira Dills-DeSurra

Miguel Frasconi




Direction and Libretto by Melissa Weaver

Music composed and performed by Miguel Frasconi

Video projections by Matthew E. Jones









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