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Opera Theatre for Youth 

Daughter of the Red Tzar in Schools 


Beginning in 2013, First Look Sonoma began performing Lisa Scola Prosek's opera, Daughter of the Red Tzar, in California middle and high schools. This piece tells of Churchill and Stalin's first meeting in which they formed an alliance to try and defeat Hitler. This program meets the California Education Standards and directly correlates with many 8th grade curricula. We've brought this interactive presentation to several schools in the LA County School District.

For information about how to book First Look Outreach at your school, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Natalie Moran, at




I had the pleasure of hearing and seeing “First Look Outreach” perform portions of the opera Daughter of the Red Tzar. The assembly was intriguing. I was delighted. The work they did served both Opera and history. 

The students, who were quite attentive, had studied this event in history and the superb performance made the music and history accessible. The singer/actors also fielded questions from students with warmth and thought.  

I am grateful so to First Look Outreach for bringing this to Chandler.

Will Salmon
Music Teacher, Chandler School




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